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Y4, Y5 & Y6 Mr Canadine will be running an after-school multi-sports club for Years 4-6 which will run on a Thursday after the Christmas holidays. The four sessions are: 18th, 25th January and the 1st and 8th February, running from 3:15pm – 4:15pm. Prices: £4 (£1 per session) Payments must be made through ParentPay. […]

Mr Canadine is starting a new Football Training After-School Club which will run on a Thursday.

A copy of the Digital Family Learning Letter is now available on our Letters and Newsletters page. Please be aware this session is for Year 4 and 5 parents only.

Year 4 have thoroughly enjoyed their recent visit to the CLC. They have worked hard to produce their own websites for shopping centres such as Meadowhall or the Frenchgate Centre and have developed their programming skills.

Year 4 have evaluated the importance of nine famous landmarks around the world. They have worked well in groups to justify their opinions using research to support their beliefs.

In Year 4, we carried out investigations to discover how the distance between the light source and the object or the angle of the light source affect the length of the shadow

Year 4 have been using their addition, subtraction and inverse skills to check if the visitor numbers at St Basil’s Cathedral in Russia have been calculated and recorded correctly.

In Year 4, we have started to create beautiful pictures of the New York skyline using our sketching skills to draw the outline of the buildings and our blending skills to create the colourful sky with powder paints.

Last week, we started our ‘Famous Landmarks and Buildings around the World’ section of our topic by formulating lots of interesting questions that we would like to find out the answers to.

Next week (w.c. 6/2/17), we will be focusing on practising our 7 times tables in class. Please practise these at home with your child.

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