Class 3 have used their geography skills to investigate maps, OS maps, plans, aerial photographs, and pictures to find out everything that they could about Castleton. They used their knowledge of physical and human geography to be amazing detectives.
In art on Friday, we started to look at the landscapes created by Vincent Van Gogh. We looked carefully at the way that he created his painting using lines and very thick, bright oil paint. We then tested out these techniques in our sketchbooks. Class 3 are excellent artists.
As part of the commitment to Rawmarsh Ashwood as a reading school, the children get the opportunity to reread some of the class texts we have read. The children love rereading these amazing books like Traction man and the owl which was afraid of the dark. It is lovely to see how their expression and [...]
As mathematicians, we did some practical maths on equal groups to find out more about multiplication. We worked on proving multiplication statements. Great maths work y2!
In science, we have started to investigate magnets and which materials attract magnets and which do not. This is the start of our learning about magnetic forces. We really enjoyed testing and investigating!
Y3 have been using their geography skills to decide whether pictures are of Scarbrough or Sheffiled using what they know about human and physical geography. They were excellent detectives.
In science, Y2 have been investigating materials. We did some prior learning from what we could remember from Y1 and then moved on to sorting objects according to their material type. Great investigation science work Y2!

In Y1 we have been using our drawing and painting skills to create crocodile pieces of art inspired by illustrator Quentin Blake.

Class 3 have been working hard completing their DT project. They had to think of the mould, the toppings and the packaging!
This week we celebrated with our friends with our Christmas party and a visit from Father Christmas himself! There was joy all round! Merry Christmas, everyone!