Class 1

In art, we have been using our drawing and charcoal skills. We have used lines, shapes and texture to create our own drawings of Wentworth Woodhouse. We looked closely at the different shapes of the building which helped us with our own artwork.
Y1 have been working towards the Active Citizenship pledge. As a class, we have looked at the Chinese festival of the Chinese New Year. As it is the year of the tiger we made our own tiger decorations and enjoyed a Chinese feast.
Y1 have turned into vocabulary detectives. We have been using this reading skill to find the meaning of words from our current story Supertato!

In Y1 we have been using our drawing and painting skills to create crocodile pieces of art inspired by illustrator Quentin Blake.

As part of our history learning, we are looking at homes in our local area. We have been on a local walk and seen lots of different houses. These included; flats, bungalows, detached and semi-detached houses! We then started to look at how houses have changed over time. We looked closely at Celtic, Tudor, and [...]

Y1 enjoyed spending our Class Dojo points and redeeming a reward. This time lots of us chose to have fun at the movies!

We have been learning all about remembrance. We watched videos that explained why and who we remember. We thought carefully about how the soldiers might have felt during the war. To show our respects we walked to the local cenotaph on the 11th of November. Here we remembered the soldiers with a 2 minutes silence.
As part of our Geography learning, we have been looking at the four seasons of the year. We went on a seasons scavenger hunt around our school grounds to investigate what season we are in. We found lots of golden leaves that had fallen from trees, sticks, and berries. After a discussion about our findings, [...]
In art, Year 1 are developing their skills in painting. They are exploring primary colours and mixing colours to make secondary colours!
One of our writing learning journeys this half term has been all about the book Stickman. During the week we completed different activities based on the book. We have been developing our comprehension skills, making our own stickman, learning about the seasons of the year, and writing sentences to retell the story.