Class 2

Before half term, Class 2 loved their day at Scarborough identifying human and physical features on the coast, finding out about water safety and Grace Darling at the RNLI, and having fun on the beach.
Y2 have been working hard in maths on their understanding of statistics. We have been practising our fluency on different tally charts and pictograms. As our endpoint in statistics, we collected our own data and analysed what it showed us.
As artists Y2 have been developing their charcoal skills looking at shade, cross-hatching, and hatching. The children brought in their childhood Teddy linked to our history strand of toys. They created their own charcoal drawing of their Teddy. Great charcoal skills Y2!
As part of the commitment to Rawmarsh Ashwood as a reading school, the children get the opportunity to reread some of the class texts we have read. The children love rereading these amazing books like Traction man and the owl which was afraid of the dark. It is lovely to see how their expression and [...]
As mathematicians, we did some practical maths on equal groups to find out more about multiplication. We worked on proving multiplication statements. Great maths work y2!
In science, Y2 have been investigating materials. We did some prior learning from what we could remember from Y1 and then moved on to sorting objects according to their material type. Great investigation science work Y2!
This week we celebrated with our friends with our Christmas party and a visit from Father Christmas himself! There was joy all round! Merry Christmas, everyone!
KS1 put on an amazing Nativity performance. What talented actors and musicians we have at Ashwood.
Class 2 made predictions for circuits and experimented making a simple circuit to power a light bulb. What great enquiring minds we have at Ashwood!
In Maths, Year 2 have worked on proving whether statements are true or false. The class worked on proving that 50 was a multiple of 5. Great thinking, Year 2!