Class 3

In Class 3 we have been learning about the city-states of Ancient Greece. We made our own states and decided who would be in charge and what the rules would be. One team decided that there would be a rule to eat sweets every day!
Class 3 have been exploring the underground caverns in Castleton and have seen amazing limestone caves and beautiful Blue John stone deep underground. We loved being 150m underneath Mam Tor!
As part of our DT learning, we have taste-tested a range of bread, vegetables, and sandwich fillings to help us design the perfect party sandwich. lots of us tried something we have never tried before!
On Wednesday, Y3 were lucky enough to have a PE session with rowers from the Sheffield University team. We had loads of fun and developed a new skill.
Class 3 have used their geography skills to investigate maps, OS maps, plans, aerial photographs, and pictures to find out everything that they could about Castleton. They used their knowledge of physical and human geography to be amazing detectives.
In art on Friday, we started to look at the landscapes created by Vincent Van Gogh. We looked carefully at the way that he created his painting using lines and very thick, bright oil paint. We then tested out these techniques in our sketchbooks. Class 3 are excellent artists.
In science, we have started to investigate magnets and which materials attract magnets and which do not. This is the start of our learning about magnetic forces. We really enjoyed testing and investigating!
Y3 have been using their geography skills to decide whether pictures are of Scarbrough or Sheffiled using what they know about human and physical geography. They were excellent detectives.
Class 3 have been working hard completing their DT project. They had to think of the mould, the toppings and the packaging!
Class 3 had a great Christmas party, we enjoyed some festive treats,  played games, danced, and had lots of fun!