Class 3

Well done to the children in class 3 who have been working really hard on their home learning.
Class 3 were challenged to show their sports skills. Here are some examples of their amazing skills.
There has been a lot of amazing home learning in year 3 this week. A big well done to Lucas, Charli and Lana who are the first children to win my star of the week award.
Class 3 have been doing some amazing home learning. One of their tasks was to make a poster or drawing, write a letter or poem, to thank and support our NHS workers. Here is some of their work.
And now for some regularly scheduled content... Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed their trip to tropical world. First, they took part in a workshop where they learnt the differences between our woodland and the tropical rainforests. They also looked at the different animals that live in the rainforest and different products that we can get from [...]
Children had an excellent time at a gymnastics competition. They have worked incredibly hard to learn a routine which they had to perform in front of judges. This hard work was shown in the results with year 3’s placing 10th out of 13 and year 5/6 placing 4th out of 12. An excellent result for [...]
Class three have been working really hard in design and technology. They have worked together to design and create each layer of a rainforest.  They used different materials and thought carefully about what each layer needed to have and which animals lived there.
Today year 3 had a special visitor from Sheffield University who came to do a science workshop about light. First, we looked at different sources of light and learnt that while the sun is a source of light the moon only reflects light from the sun. We used a fibre optic cable to send light [...]
Year 3 have been working really hard this term. They have completed lots of amazing learning in all subjects. Here is some of our learning: In PE we have focused on target games, children have participated in archery, kurling and boccia. In maths we have focused on multiplication and division. We used grouping to help [...]
Y3 and Y4 took part in a Viking Day last month. We all really enjoyed it and learnt a lot about our topic this term. Mr Viking was recruiting some of us for his army so we had to design a shield for him. Learning all about the life of a Viking was so interesting! [...]