Class 4

I am so proud of all of my Y4 class. Even after so much time away from school, they are still so dedicated to their learning. Incredible handwriting improvements, science experiments, multiplication, story recounts and even reading comprehensions! I couldn't ask for more. Well done everyone, love Miss Jenkinson.
I am so proud of all my Y4's who have been working hard at home for the last two weeks. I have heard from many parents and childrenĀ about what they have been doing, which is amazing. I've attached some photos for you all to see what they have been up to! Thank you to all [...]
Year 4 this week went to Tropical World in Leeds for a school trip. We have been learning all about the rainforest in our Spring topic so we thought this would be the perfect day out. First, we had a rainforest workshop led by some nature specialists who work in the native woodlands and then [...]
In maths this term we have been learning to tell the time. First, we estimated how long it took to complete certain activities and then we built up to using clocks to tell the time. We started with analogue and then converted this to 12-hour digital. We'll be starting the 24-hour clock in summer term.
This week we met Laura, a scientist from Sheffield University. Laura came in to talk to us about electricity, which we did last term in Y4. Laura showed us some pretty cool things about electricity - one was that play-doh is actually a conductor of electricity! That's why we made our own circuits with playdoh. [...]
In DT this term class 4 have been learning about seasonality. First, we learnt which months are in each season and then we started to think about what season fruit and veg would be best to eat in. Miss J brought in lots of different fruits and vegetables for us to try - but first [...]
This week Y4 are writing a setting description all about the rain forest. In order to write a successful description we have created a word bank. Thinking about all our senses and listening to rain forest sounds really helped us to develop our vocabulary ready to write next week. Independently, we are becoming much better [...]
Y4 have had a lovely time at their Christmas Party today. We played pass the parcel and danced in the hall and then we ate in the classroom. All the kids were full up! Thank you so much to all parents and carers who donated sweet treats and snacks for us..there may be some left [...]
Y4 have blown me away this term with their passion and enthusiasm for reading. They have got stuck in to our class novel 'Clockwork', which was all about an apprentice clock maker and the sinister Dr Kalmenius. So to end our terms worth of phenomenal guided reading we are doing some work on the John [...]
In geography this week we have been using the Chromebooks to find out where the very first inventions came from. After this, we found the country in our atlas and labelled it on our world map. Did you know the first computer virus came from Pakistan?