Class 4

Year 4 have really enjoyed their visit to Eureka. We took part in a practical workshop where we learnt about how food travels through the digestive system and then explored the fabulous galleries. The interactive displays were great fun and were very informative so we have learnt lots more about our bodies.
Resilient and determined: two words which definitely describe Year 4! They are working hard to develop their Maths problem-solving skills when they solve their STOPs challenges.
This week in Year 4, we have been creative with our pastel and painting skills. We have created some very striking volcano artwork!
We are working incredibly hard in Year 4 to become the best writers that we can be! We have amazing ideas and are developing our editing skills so that we can make our writing even better! We use our awesome Super Spellers to ensure that are spelling is accurate and we love reading our work [...]

Year 4 had a fantastic afternoon and enjoyed making their volcanoes erupt! The volcano models looked amazing!    

Year 4 are working really hard in school and at home to improve their rock speeds on TT Rockstars! Keep it up Year 4 because you are doing brilliantly at learning your times tables!
After writing our brilliant diary extracts about witnessing a volcanic disaster, Year 4 considered what they would see outside of their window if a volcano erupted. They tried really hard to considered perspective and scale when sketching.
Look how hard we have been working in Year 4! We are very proud of all of our Earthquakes and Volcanoes work that is now displayed in our classroom! In Year 4, we have been researching the islands of Hawaii. We have been identifying reasons why people might like to travel to Hawaii for a [...]
Look at our volcanoes! We have been busy painting today and have really enjoyed it. Our volcanoes now look very realistic and are preparing for eruption!
Now that we know about the different types of volcanoes (including their features and appearances), we have started to work together to create our own volcano models. It is going to take several days until they look like volcanoes but we have made a brilliant start by working successfully together in our teams. Now that [...]