Class 5

Following on from our lesson this week on what we would take to space, we decided to become real astronauts and try some actual space food! For food to be taken to space it needs to be freeze-dried and drained of all its water and moisture. We recorded the findings from our taste test on [...]
Y5 have been thinking about what they would eat if they went to space. We have been looking at what has to happen to foods before they are packaged ready for space. What would you eat in space if you could choose?
In Art for the last two weeks, Y5 have been creating a masterpiece that is from the viewpoint of an astronaut. They first created the background using a range of dark colours. Then they splattered white paint on the page in order to create a starry effect. The next day they made planets and used [...]
In History, we have been focusing on our new topic - Space! The children have researched the history of the people who have travelled to space and how this developed from the 1940's right to this very day. They worked super hard and all the timelines look amazing.
Year 5 have been working hard this term in maths. In particular, we have been looking at angles. We have been trying to estimate the angle first and then using a protractor to check our answers.
Recently we have been writing a letter from the viewpoint of Ernest Shackleton on his 1914 voyage to Antarctica. We have been working hard to improve our vocabulary for our final piece of writing at the end of the week. Fortunately, this week we are generating a word bank to help us - looking at [...]
We have been trying so hard in Y5 to improve our reading - especially the amount of times we read at home each week. We have a 'Star Reader' every two weeks in Class 5 and it is chosen out of the children that have been reading their books three or more times a week [...]
This term Class 5 have been learning all about different explorers and what made them so well known today. In August 1914 Ernest Shackleton set off on his ship 'Endurance' to Antarctica. He wanted to be the first person to reach Antarctica via the South Pole. We have been looking at his face closely and [...]
We have been focusing on tsunamis across our water disasters topic this term. As we were so interested in learning about tsunamis the children looked at some fact files about the top eight most destructive tsunamis ever recorded. During this activity, we found out an interesting fact about each one, recorded the tsunamis name, places [...]
In History/Geography last week we started a group project. As a class, we looked at another water disaster - the flooding that happened right here in Rotherham in 2007!  The children were fascinated that a months worth of rain fell in just 24 hours and caused all sorts of problems. We learnt that one of [...]