Class 5

It is so nice to see such improvement through school on times tables! Each week there’s a class battle as well as one afternoon dedicated to playing TT Rockstars to try to improve children’s individual rock status. Every week someone moves up a status or earns a certificate to say they were one of the […]

The children had a lovely day at the EIS in Sheffield and enjoyed participating in all the different events such as dance, long jump and 200m sprint. Everyone tried their very best and stayed resilient throughout. Well done Class 5!
In Class 5 this week we have been learning all about the Masbrough disaster. In the 1800's the biggest boat ever was due to be launched on to the River Don. As it was such a special occasion the headteacher of Masbrough Primary School at the time thought it would be a great opportunity to [...]
At Ashwood the fastest person on TT Rockstars each week gets to dress as a Rockstar for the full day on the following Friday! We missed one Friday for Red Nose Day so that meant that our fastest players dressed up on the same day last week. - Winning on week 1 with a speed [...]
Just an update on Times Table Rockstars - Class 5 are on fire at the minute I am so proud of them! Nearly every single person in the class are in the top 40 ranking in the entire school and all of them have cut their speed down by at least 4 seconds per question [...]
As you know Kensukes Kingdom is our novel study this term. Within the novel a young boy called Micheal ends up on his own, alone on a deserted island. The children and I were having a discussion about what you would need to survive - apart from food and water! One thing that cropped up [...]
In Class 5 we have been doing some fabulous Science this week! Following our water disasters topic we have been looking at what makes something 'buoyant' and why. We tested various chocolate bars and sweets by dropping them in water to see if they would float or sink. Our findings show that not all chocolate [...]
Last week we used powder and ready mix paints to create a sunset picture. We are now using black paper to cut out a whole and silhouette of Micheal and Stella from Kensukes Kingdom. Then we will stick this on to our sunset to get a finished product that looks like this: Kensukes Kingdom is [...]

Last week three boys from Class 5 were chosen to represent Ashwood Primary at their reporting event at the Rawmarsh CLC. On this day the children looked at many reports and chose one to present. In the afternoon they experienced presenting in front of a green screen! All the boys had a really amazing day […]

The children in Class 5 had so much fun celebrating World Book Day! It was so much fun doing some activities surrounding the books we love the most. We read in the morning, completed a quiz all about books, made bookmarks, did some writing about our class book Kensukes Kingdom and had a maths challenge [...]