Class 6

Year 6 have started their transition project 'Trash'. They have really enjoyed what they have read so far and they can't wait to finish this at RCS. So far, we have only read the first chapter. We have created a glossary to help us understand key words and we have discussed the three key themes [...]
The following article contains 'live updates' from the Year 6 Residential to Scarborough. Day 1 We're having a lovely first day in Scarborough! We arrived safe and sound in Flamborough and went straight down to the beach and looked at the famous lighthouse - we then went exploring in the caves. Our lovely coach driver [...]

Year 6 have been trying to encourage others to eat healthily by eating apples with Bertie Blueberry! Why not pick up a fresh piece of fruit for your pudding today?

Year 6 have been writing instructions this week. They are instructing the reader about how to build a shelter. Year 6 even had a go at shelter making!  We have also been supporting each other with our writing.  It looks fantastic!

Y6 came to share their amazing writing which they had done based on the book Kensuke’s Kingdom. They had written instructions on making shelters and dens which they shared with the Y1 children.

We have worked on writing diary entries from the perspective of Michael from Kensuke's Kingdom.
Year 6 have been LOVING their new books. Their presentation has improved greatly and they are taking so much pride and care in their work. Have a look at these fabulous non-chronological reports about a mysterious sea creature.
Year 6 have been learning to work efficiently on the Chromebooks in school. They have been excellent at using Google Docs in order to create these fantastic photo montages!

Year 6 shared their ideas on how to keep safe on the internet. They created their own poster to pass on their message to the younger children in the school.

We are working hard in Y6 and developing a much more positive attitude to learning. We are really growing up and have started to make good progress. Keep up the good work Y6!