Foundation Stage

The children demonstrated their understanding of shape this week and the teachers are amazed at how much they know! The children worked hard to describe the properties of shapes, made their own shapes and tested out the movements of 3D shapes too! The teachers are all so proud of the children this week, so much [...]
The children have been expanding their understanding of materials and exploring their inner scientist this week. Together, we investigated different liquids to see which ones reacted with bicarbonate soda. We found out that vinegar and dilute pop made the biggest reactions! Can you believe it? We were amazed! The children used lots of lovely scientific [...]
Last week Foundation celebrated Pancake day in style. The children used lots of language around weighing and measuring to make our delicious pancake batter. It was really interesting to see how the mixture changed and developed! Some children described it as 'runny' or 'dripping'. We waited patiently for the pancake batter to cook and then [...]
Ashwood Foundation Unit delved into the bookshelves this week during World Book Day. The children made a fantastic effort with their costumes and enjoyed being read to by some super parent storytellers. From The BFG to Supertato, our children's costumes had each and every special character covered!
Our new topic is Magic this term and we have kicked it off in style. This week, the children have been learning all about Zog by Julia Donaldson. We have made castles, written a school report for Zog and had fantastic fun in our castle role play area. The children have been so inspired by [...]
The children explored our mud kitchen last week and they absolutely loved it! We used lots of great maths language to make mud pies for the teachers. We also used our problem solving skills to free children from the mud when their wellies were swallowed up by muddy puddles! On top of all this, we [...]
Our youngest children have been making all of the Teachers very proud this week! They've been working hard to write letters and their walls of pride are full to bursting! Here are just a few photographs of busy children that are making dinner in our home corner, making evil pea traps outside and writing their [...]
The Evil Pea is still causing havoc in our foundation unit. This week he broke into foundation and kidnapped some our vegetables from the snack table! We have been working hard to write a story all about it. On top of all this, we have been catching Evil Peas all over the classroom and adding [...]
Foundation Stage came to share their superb writing with Y1. It is the first time Foundation Stage have written in their new books. Our Y1 children helped the children to celebrate their writing and build their confidence in writing. What amazing role models we have at Ashwood!
This week the children have been working really hard to write about The Evil Pea during our continuous provision time. Just look at all of this fabulous writing! We also had a go at building an excellent trap for The Evil Pea in our outdoor area.