Foundation Stage

We have had lots of great events over the last couple of weeks in foundation unit

On Tuesday we had another parent learning day in our foundation unit. Our wonderful parents brought in some of their children’s ICT equipment and toys so that we could all look at the different types of electronic toys and devices available.

Last week our foundation children were learning all about the capacity of containers. We used a lot of fantastic words to describe how much of each liquid we needed for our mad science experiments.

On Friday Foundation Stage enjoyed a PJ day. All of the children and staff wore their pyjamas to school and thought about their favourite bedtime stories.

These are some of the photos from our ‘Parents Day’, where mums and dads, grandmas and grandad’s are invited into the setting to learn alongside their children.

Our brand new wood workbench arrived on Monday and the children absolutely LOVE it! Thank you to the Rotherham Lions charity shop for this fantastic gift! If anyone has any softwood for the children to be able to use on it to create their fantastical inventions then that would be great!

On Tuesday our Foundation unit children went on their very first school trip. We went on a bus to Meadowhall to make our very own class bear at the Build A Bear Workshop.

This week in the Foundation Unit we have been thinking about developing a positive ‘Growth Mind Set’. Turning our “Yet’s” into “Yay’s”. Instead of saying “I cant do this”, we are practising saying,”I cant do it YET!”.

We have been really enjoying completing our autumn to-do lists, some children have made gingerbread men, others have been on long nature walks.

Recently foundation stage have been having lots of fun in their class by getting involved in lots of different activities. Heres a recap of some of the things we have been getting up to.

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