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The free, web based version of Microsoft Office can be found here.

Alternatively, Google Docs is available here.

Whole School


Grammarsaurus provides grammar videos for children. They have lots of fun videos and are ideal in helping children remember and revise key grammar concepts.

Maths Online has lots of online tutorials for maths with worked examples.

Corbett maths is used in school daily by teachers. They have videos to support children’s learning but also many worksheets and also the five a day that we use in school. There will be a maths sheet for every day of the year and children can choose, bronze, silver, gold or platinum, Use both the primary version and the normal site.

Every day, there will be a different image and a writing task, in addition to grammar activities, discussion ideas and more creative tasks. This is an absolutely fantastic link for continuing that fantastic writing Year 6!!

This website has many free books online available for children to read. I cannot stress enough how important it is to read every day!

This website has many online maths games for children to play. They can also use the 7-11 games available.

This website is great for science learning. There are videos, quizzes and interactive games. Please look at adaption, evolution and inheritance as this is something that we have yet to cover in school.

This link allows children to access resources for all of the different curriculum areas. Have a go at trying to learn another language!

This website is another that we frequently use in school. It has many resources available for free and it is free to sign up. This is more specific to Y6 pupils.

TT Rockstars- children can continue to practice their times tables at home.

Children can develop their coding and programming skills using Scratch. The children use this regularly in school when learning about coding.

Newsround will offer the children news from around the world at an age-appropriate level. They also have lots of fun videos and news stories to keep spirits lifted!

The Horrible Histories channel on Youtube is an excellent way of learning about history. Enjoy these videos and enjoy learning about the historical events that interest you. I can’t wait to hear all about the new and exciting things that you have learned!

Hamiltion Learning are providing weekly home learning packs for Maths and English and will post them according to weeks. Only one week is available so far, but they are working hard to ensure that these are released as soon as possible. Please keep checking the webiste.

The brilliant people at Twinkl are offering free subscriptions for parents to access at home. They are also releasing special home learning packs according to each year group.