Class 3

Welcome to our Class 3 Page!

Your teachers cannot wait to have you back in school and to begin our new school year together. We’ve really missed you! We know that the last year has ended in a very strange way for everyone but we are here to support and help you as you come back to school to dive into learning. By being kind always, always trying our best and looking after one another, we will make a superb start in September using ‘The Ashwood Way!’

Meet your Teachers

Hi! Our names are Mrs Farmer and Mrs Breedon, we are your Class Teachers.

In my spare time, I enjoy days out with my family and two young children. We go for lots of walks and love drawing pictures and reading books together. We also like visiting places such as farms and wildlife parks as my children have a real interest in animals and the outdoors. I look forward to finding out all about your interests and creating some exciting learning together!

I hope that lots of you will remember me from your time in class 1 and 2. I am very excited to say that I will be one of your teachers for your spectacular learning journey in year 3. Even though I love to teach most things, reading is one of my absolute favourite subjects to teach and I’m looking forward to sharing amazing class novels together. I love science and all things practical so get ready for some fun investigations and discoveries! When I am not in the classroom, my favourite thing to do is be outside adventuring with my two children; Rose and Edward.

L Farmer

Mrs Farmer

R. Breedon

Mrs Breedon


Mrs Richardson

Halima Ramzan AW (Custom)

Miss Ramzan

Hello! My name is Mrs Richardson and I am your Teaching Assistant.

When we asked Mrs Richardson to create notes for a small biography the first thing she penned was that she LOVES HER JOB which is great news for all. She’s been around our school now for the grand total of nineteen years – coming into twenty. Her two older daughters came to Ashwood and she knows you all very well already. When she can be dragged away from our building, she enjoys walking her four dogs (three Dachshunds and a Cocker Spaniel!) and baking fabulous creations. Mrs Richardson also really enjoys reading, especially Harry Potter!

Hello! My name is Miss Ramzan and I am your Teaching Assistant.

I have worked here for 1 year and I am loving it here at Ashwood. This is the first school I have worked at. When I am not in school, I like to  spend time with my friends and family and go shopping. I look forward to working with all of you in year 3!

Our New Learning

We will be developing our skills in all of the core and wider curriculum subjects in the autumn term. In English, we will continue to write for a range of different purposes and enjoy our class novel ‘Stig of the Dump’ using the Ashwood Reading Approach. In history, we will be learning about events of the Stone Age and in Geography we will be learning about the physical and human geography of Yorkshire. As scientists, we will be learning all about how humans grow and develop and in computing we will be learning how to keep ourselves safe when using the internet. Through PSHE we will learn all about ‘Being Me’. In maths, we will develop our knowledge and understanding of place value and addition and subtraction.

Class Information

Teaching Days

Mrs Farmer – Monday and Tuesday

Mrs Breedon – Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Useful Links

All of the links below are brilliant resources that can be used to support pupil’s ongoing learning and revision.


Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

Other Subjects