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Welcome to our Year 5 Class Page

Miss Jenkinson and Miss Hinchliffe are working hard to ensure the children in Class 5 are making great steps towards improving and progressing in their learning this year. Year 5 is an extremely important year, but one that is also filled with laughter, excitement and hard-working individuals.

Our learning so far

Year 5 have been learning about a wide range of topics since starting in September. Our first topic was the Romans, which the children thoroughly enjoyed. Year 5 learnt all about the weaponry the Romans used as well as exploring where and how they lived!

Following on from the Romans we moved promptly on to WW1 in the second part of the autumn term. As well as learning about why ‘we remember’ the soldiers who sadly died fighting for our country, we also found out information about the location of all of the memorials placed in the Rotherham area. Did you know there is one right next to our school on the top of Rawmarsh Hill?

This term we have explored ‘under the sea’ as our spring topic. All the children have loved it – especially classifying as I brought in some sweets for us to have a go at with categorising first! The children have created their very own sea creature, wrote a postcard about their new discovery, labelled all four layers of the ocean as well as paint their own watercolour picture.

Current learning

After the February half term our new topic will be ‘Water Disasters’ and we will be learning all about the Masbrough disaster – which will include a full topic day! On this day the children will learn all about what happened, who was affected and argue about who was to blame. The classroom will be set up like a real courtroom and every child will each have played a role in the disaster. From this, the children will be writing a discussion text, create questions for the courtroom and have an interview with their ‘lawyer’ to prepare for their day in court. Our text for this term is Kensuke’s Kingdom!

Important dates

PE – Our PE days are every Tuesday and Thursday with Miss Davenport. This term the children have focused on Rugby and Basketball and all of the skills that come with playing both of these competitive sports. We recommend that your child has their PE kit at school all week in order to participate in both of these sessions and that they have both an indoor and outdoor PE kit.

Homework – Homework is given out every Tuesday (when possible) and needs to be handed back in the following Monday. We check the previous weeks homework and mark it in class on a Tuesday before the new one is given out. Usually the homework will be set based on what they have learnt that week – as a form of extra revision or practice. However, some weeks the homework is given out and it is brand new learning (the children will have never done it before) as a form of assessment for the following week so I am aware of what they know already and what we need to go over in class. It is extremely important that the children are doing their homework as it does help to build their confidence and boosts progress!

Reading Journals – Children should bring their reading journal to school every day, along with the book they are reading. I try to sign these at least once a week. Children will receive a sticker if they have read at home three times or more times that current week and a parent/carer has signed their journal on each of those days.

Useful Links

All of the links below are brilliant resources that can be used to support pupil’s ongoing learning and revision.


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