Class 6

Welcome to our Class 6 Page!

I am so pleased to officially welcome you to what I hope will be one of your very best and most memorable years at Ashwood Primary School. As most of you know already, my name is Miss Jenkinson and I will be your class teacher on your journey through year 6. Both myself and Miss Hinchliffe are guiding you towards success during your final year at Ashwood. Year 6 is all about you enjoying your last year in primary school and starting secondary school as prepared as possible.

Meet your Teachers

Hi! My name is Miss Jenkinson and I am your Class Teacher.

I have been teaching at Ashwood Primary School for the last two years. When I am not in school, I like spending time with my friends and family, watching movies and going shopping. This year, I am looking forward to being a part of your learning and school life. Try not to be nervous about starting year 6 because it is really nothing to worry about – everyone gets those first day butterflies! If you work hard, i’m sure we will have lots of fun! See you soon and stay safe over the summer.

M Jenkinson

Miss Jenkinson

Hello! My name is Miss Hinchliffe and I am your Teaching Assistant.

I have been a Teaching Assistant for 13 years now and a Year 6 TA for three! During my time at Rawmarsh Ashwood Primary School, I have provided support and intervention for all year groups – helping others to learn and grow. When I am not teaching, I enjoy walking my dog Blue, reading and spending time at home with my family.


Miss Hinchliffe

Our New Learning

In the Autumn Term, our topic will be International Conflict. This topic will cover the Crimean War, touch on WWI and then move on to WWII. We will be reading Goodnight Mr Tom as our class novel and learning all about different wars from around the world. In Spring, our topic is Conflict at Home. Within this topic, we will learn all about coal mining, the steelworks and the 1920 miners strike. We will also discuss how this has affected life today and see for ourselves what it was really like to grow up in a mining community. Your final topic at Ashwood will be Medicine. We will learn all about our heart, circulatory system and how diseases such as the Plague affected us. In between all this, we will be off to Scarborough too to celebrate all the hard work you have put in throughout your time at Ashwood.

Class Information

Our ClassDojo account will be updated regularly with lots of messages, dojo points and picture updates – it is important that you are engaging with this on a regular basis. Some transition activities will also be posted on there so let me know if you’re having trouble setting it up. Homework will be given weekly and will be marked in school time. At the moment, I am not sure when our PE days will be but I will let you know as soon as possible.

Your attendance this year is extremely important and is the key to your success. Please ensure you are on time, every day and ready to learn in the classroom.

Useful Links

All of the links below are brilliant resources that can be used to support pupil’s ongoing learning and revision.


Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

In Year 6, many children have access to social media accounts. The following link has some guidelines for parents regarding safety online and privacy features. There are many hidden features on social media, so it is always worth being ‘clued up’ with what your child is using and accessing.