Class 6

Welcome to our Year 6 Class Page

Mrs Scott and Miss Hinchliffe are guiding the children towards success during their final year at Ashwood. Year 6 is all about the children enjoying their last year in primary school and starting secondary school as prepared as possible.

Our learning so far

So far, Year 6 have learned all about the Romans. They were absolutely fascinated by the ‘Roman’ way of life. Did you know that the Roman’s built roads, created underfloor heating and made the very first burger?
After the Romans. Year 6 then learned all about WW2. We LOVED reading Goodnight Mr Tom, as it gave us a real insight in to ho children lived during the war. We watched the film just before Christmas, but we actually preferred the book! We felt empathy for the soldiers who fought in WW2 and were blown away by the sacrifices made by soldiers at D-Day.

Current learning

Our current topic is ‘Under the Sea’. We are inspired by the amazing work of David Attenborough and the work that he has done to save our seas. We have enjoyed watching clips of ‘Blue Planet’ as we got to see some really odd creatures that we didn’t even know existed! We have also innovated our own sea creature, eventually writing a non-chronological report.

Important days

PE – Our PE day is every Tuesday. Please ensure that children have both an indoor and an outdoor PE kit. We recommend that your child has their PE kit in school all week, just in case we manage to sneak an extra session in!
Homework – homework is handed out every Tuesday (when possible) and is due in the following Tuesday. Please ensure that you do your homework at home as it ensures that you get extra practice. It’s so important!
Revision guides – all Year 6 children have been given a study guide. This can be used to pre-learn maths and support with homework. You will really need it on the run up to SATs!

Mrs Tomlinson

Mrs Tomlinson is the transition teacher from RCS. She is in school every Tuesday morning and Wednesday afternoon. If you wish to contact her, please nip in to class to pass a message on. Mrs Tomlinson is a key contact for Year Sixes as they make their way up to secondary school.

Useful Links

All of the links below are brilliant resources that can be used to support pupil’s ongoing learning and revision.


Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

In Year 6, many children have access to social media accounts. The following link has some guidelines for parents regarding safety online and privacy features. There are many hidden features on social media, so it is always worth being ‘clued up’ with what your child is using and accessing.

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