Foundation Stage

Welcome to our Foundation Stage Page!

Mrs Padley, Mrs Davis, Miss Kon, Mrs Jagger and Mrs Unwin are working hard to ensure that all of the children in our Foundation Stage are making great progress this year in all areas of learning. Here at Ashwood, we work within the framework of The Early Years Foundation Stage and we also incorporate some aspects of learning from recent ‘Bold Beginnings’ research, offering parents the assurance that all their child’s needs are being met. The children are growing, learning and developing every single day and we are all so proud of just how far they have come!

Foundation Stage is an extremely important part of the children’s learning journey through school as we believe it sets the tone for our pupil’s life at Ashwood Primary School. Our aim is to prepare all the children to become independent, inquisitive and excited learners. At Rawmarsh Ashwood School we recognise that every child deserves the best possible start in life to achieve their full potential.  We know that our children’s experience in Foundation Stage has a major impact on their future life chances so we always strive to build close relationships with every child in order to develop their skills in all areas of the curriculum. In addition to this, we always ensure that our Foundation Unit provides a safe, stimulating and nurturing environment, where children are consistently learning to be resilient, capable, and confident individuals.


This is the year we prepare the children to become learners! Each child receives daily differentiated phonics through the Read Write Inc Program, in order to give them the best start to their academic journey.  We work daily with the children on new sounds so the children become fully skilled in phonics approaches and they are ready for Year 1. Your child also reads at school every day in class and in their Read Write Inc phonics session. We are working hard as a school for children to be reading at least 3 times a week at home as well as listening to stories from the class teacher daily.

Maths and Literacy

The children receive differentiated adult lead writing and maths sessions every day so that they can acquire all the basic core curriculum skills. These sessions are tailored exactly to the children’s needs to ensure progress is made at all times. Each child has their very own maths and literacy book where their hard work is displayed with pride! In addition to this, maths and literacy is embedded across the entire Foundation Stage. In our classroom, you will see lots of writing and maths opportunities to capture the children’s interests and embed the essential writing and maths skills that they need. On top of all this, the children have daily ‘Super Sentence’ time. During this time, the children practice basic sentence composition. The child who write’s the best sentence at the end of the day gets to wear our Super Sentence Cape for the entire day! What an incentive!

Current learning

Our theme this half term is Creepy Crawlieswhere we’re looking at marvelous creatures from the great outdoors. We are reading some fabulous books such as ‘Superworm’ and ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. We are also watching caterpillars change into beautiful butterflies and we can’t wait to watch them transform. The children are enjoying this topic very much and are especially enjoying hunting for mini beasts in our outdoor area!

Important Dates

PE – Our PE day is Thursday. On this day we ask that all children come to school in their PE kit with their uniform in a bag. The children will get changed into their uniform after PE.

Reading Morning – Our reading morning is Wednesday. We ask that all children bring their reading books to school so that you can listen to them read every Wednesday morning before the register.

Show and Tell – Our show and tell day is a Thursday. Please check the list by the door to find out when your child’s Show and Tell date is.

How can I help my child at home?

To find out more about how to say the different phonemes (sounds) which your child is learning, please take a look at this helpful video for parents.

Listening to child read their reading book at least 3 times a week has proven to accelerate your child’s learning. Making time to do this would help them grown and learn that much faster.

Your child will also receive new home learning tasks every Friday. You can help your child learning by completing these each work and returning them to school. We really appreciate your opinion so any comments you make on these will be taken on board by the teacher and used to help your child progress further.

We love to be kept up to date on your child’s interests and hobbies. Please let a grown up know about any home achievements, no matter how small, by filling in a ‘wow’ form in reception.

Making time for fun activities is also very important to help your child understand the world around them. Here is a useful list of some interesting activities that will help your child grow and learn

–      baking

–      counting the stairs in your house

–      reading signs and noticing text

–      sharing reading books every day

–      writing shopping lists together

–      singing counting songs

–      gardening

–      cooking

–      getting outdoors

–      make believe play with your child

–      talking about changes in the world around you e.g. the weather.

Useful Links

Student Voice

I like maths on the challenge table like measuring and adding in my maths book. I like reading new books like Room on The Broom. – Leo Qui

I like making potions in the role play and reading books. – Kierahh Poskitt

School is fun and I like making new stories in the small world. – Jaymee

I like growing and learning at school all the time. – Rafa Rushdy