Captain Burwash – Year 1 and 2 ⚓️

We are very excited to announce that we have arranged for a visit from Captain Burwash on Friday 2nd March 2018, as part of our favourite topic ‘Pirates’.

Captain Burwash’s visit to school has been hugely successful in previous years, inspiring the children’s work and giving the topic a real buzz. He brings historical pirate artefacts for the children to handle, tells stories and teaches them about famous pirates like ‘Blackbeard’. The children create flags and posters for him to recruit his crew and the day finishes with a whole school assembly where the children share their work.

It would be fantastic if all the children could dress up as a pirate on the day – the staff will too! Your costume doesn’t need to be fancy. You might have fun creating something from old clothes and accessories.

The visit lasts all day and costs £330. We ask for a contribution of £5.50 per child to enable this exciting adventure to take place (before Friday 23rd February please). Please make the payment via ParentPay.

You can download the letter and return slip here or from our Letters and Newsletters Page.