Why was Stonehenge created?

A lot of mystery surrounds Stonehenge in terms of when and why it was created. This afternoon in Year 4, we have been discovering what theories are already out there about the creation of Stonehenge and have created our own imaginative theories.
Here are a list of theories to suggest why Stonehenge was created:
• Burial site to hide bones
• Created by Aliens
• Created by Druids (Celtic Priests)
• Giants left the stones there
• Built for celebrations
• Massive xylophone
• Healing properties
• Remains of a Roman house
• Merlin the Wizard used his magical rod to make the stones levitate into place
• Dead giants that have fossilised
• Ancient football ground with stone nets
• Symbol that can be seen by aliens from the sky so that they know where to land
• Large warning sign that warned people about the Ice Age coming
• Monument built to celebrate the birth of Jesus
• Ruins of a large house
• Ancient World’s Strongest Man competition ground
• Was a ginormous statue that was destroyed by a tornado and this is the remains
• Pieces of an asteroid that have hit planet Earth
• An old tourist attraction built by locals so that they could earn some more money to survive
• Started off as one huge rock and it has eroded over time
• Created by someone magical who was practising using their powers
• Circular town hall
• Grown out of the ground
• Remains of a fort used in a war
• Ancient market place
• Battle ground built to resemble the Colosseum in Rome (Italy)
• Created by Viking Gods