The Masbrough Disaster

In Class 5 this week we have been learning all about the Masbrough disaster. In the 1800’s the biggest boat ever was due to be launched on to the River Don. As it was such a special occasion the headteacher of Masbrough Primary School at the time thought it would be a great opportunity to take the children from his school down to see the ‘big splash’ as the ropes were cut and the boat set sail – transporting coal all over the country. However, as the boat was attached with two large ropes, the first one was cut and the second was too thick to hack through, making the boat unstable and uneven. In the commotion, the children ran to the other side of the boat to watch the splash, causing the boat to tip over.

64 lives were lost that day but many contributing factors needed to be looked at before the blame was placed on one person. The children have learnt about all the people involved in the disaster and all the people who could possibly be blamed. Linking this to our school work, each child is going to either be playing a person who may be to blame or a person from a court room. In order to learn all about how a court works and decide who is actually to blame for the disaster we had a guest speaker!

Lucy Vinson, a legal executive in a law firm in Worksop, came in to tell us about how each person in a courtroom is important and what their job is. The children loved asking questions and cannot wait to finish the activity later this week.