We love Fridays – and all because of TT Rockstars!

At Ashwood the fastest person on TT Rockstars each week gets to dress as a Rockstar for the full day on the following Friday! We missed one Friday for Red Nose Day so that meant that our fastest players dressed up on the same day last week.

– Winning on week 1 with a speed of 1.12 seconds per question was Harley
– Winning on week 2 with a speed of 0.68 seconds per question was Jayden

Both boys have worked so hard to improve their speeds on TT Rockstars and it has really paid off. However, there are two players that are so close to catching them up in speed that we may have a new winner next week! Well done to all Y5 for their efforts on TT Rockstars so far. Sometimes it isn’t about being the quickest, it is about improving and getting better, which you have all done! Super effort!