Scarborough Poem

As many of you know, Year 6 should have been on their residential this week. Harley has written this amazing poem about what should have been. It’s a stunning poem and I feel very sad that you haven’t had your special week away. Mrs Scott xx


It should have been Scarborough day,

I’m feeling really sad,

Instead I’m staying home,

With my Mum and Dad.


I should be walking on the beaches,

Having so much fun,

Playing with all my friends,

Underneath the sun.


Looking around the town,

Collecting souvenirs,

Making lots of memories,

With my teachers and peers.


Eating our dinner,

On the sea front,

Fighting off the seagulls,

Trying to pinch our lunch.


It should have been Scarborough today,

The day never come,

Instead I’m at home,

With my Dad and Mum.