Year 6 Scarborough Residential!

The following article contains ‘live updates’ from the Year 6 Residential to Scarborough.

Day 1

We’re having a lovely first day in Scarborough! We arrived safe and sound in Flamborough and went straight down to the beach and looked at the famous lighthouse – we then went exploring in the caves.

Our lovely coach driver for the trip Neil then took us to Bempton to do some bird watching. We found three puffins even though it was quite misty today. Kerry, Pauline and Martin (the experienced ornithologists) taught us all about how to identify different types of sea birds and what to look for through our binoculars.

We then went to the hotel and checked in, unpacked and ate our tea. Today it was chips and sausage or chips and chicken..with ice cream for dessert! After, we went for a lovely walk along the seafront and then went to the arcades.

We’re all tucked up in bed and ready for tomorrow.

Day 2

This morning we were up bright and early to go rock-pooling in Filey! We had a full english breakfast cooked by Kate and Steve (the lovely hotel owners) and then headed on the coach to Filey.

We’ve spent some of our money on a bucket and net – perfect for capturing some sea creatures. The rest is for an ice cream on the beach later.

This afternoon we’re going to St.Oswalds Church in Filey and then going to the park to finish off the day after our lovely tea.

I will post again this afternoon after my leggings have dried (I was the only one to fall over on the rocks)

This afternoon after rock-pooling we visited St.Oswalds Church and learnt about the history of the church and its importance in Filey.

Excitedly, we all then walked to get an ice cream and played in the most amazing park in Filey. Tonight’s tea was either chilli con carne or spaghetti bolognese with strawberry or lemon cheesecake for dessert..yummy!

We rang home tonight and loved speaking to you all. We’ll ring again on Thursday. More posts from today to follow from the park – we’ll also tell you about our evening adventure.

This evening after tea we went on a very long walk up and around Scarborough. Luckily, we ventured up to the castle and around the harbour along the peer. We learnt lots about the boats and the hotels surrounding it.

We then played in the park before it started raining! We’re all in the hotel and listening to a story now and then we’re all looking forward to a nice shower after our very busy day.

(Photos included are also from the park in Filey earlier today)

Day 3

It’s an exciting morning for us today as we are visiting the RNLI in Scarborough. John (our leader for the trip) gave us lots of information about how to stay safe at sea and what to do if we were ever in a dangerous situation.

Interestingly, we have learnt all about the new 2.2 million pound boat that adapts brilliantly in the potentially life-threatening conditions. This boat is called ‘The Shannon’ and can stop 3 seconds from a 30mph speed, has shock absorbing seats for rough weather and is self-righting so stays upright at all times.

Mrs Scott has arrived today so we have split into two groups to do the tour. I will post pictures of group two later today when we meet up again.

Group two particularly enjoyed looking at the smaller lifeboat this morning and asked lots of questions.

We’re going to the seafront now to get our chippy lunch! Today is the first day the tide has been out so we’re going to have a chill on the beach and then we’re booked into a visit at Scarborough castle after dinner.

After the RNLI trip we enjoyed our chippy dinner and then half an hour in the arcades. We had a quick visit to the park and then we went for a tour of Scarborough Castle. We played some games on the grounds, which were extremely entertaining for all of us! We then walked up to the castle top and peered through its windows and stood on the balconies.

We’re going bowling tonight after tea and then heading back to the arcades!

We’re at bowling tonight.  We’re all having an amazing time and it’s been a lovely day overall. The children have been so well behaved the whole trip – you should all be really proud of them all.

Dinner tonight was chicken curry or shepherd’s pie and then jam or custard doughnut and ice cream for dessert.

After bowling, we had a great time on the beach. We’re now going to the arcade before heading back to the hotel.

Day 4

Today we travelled to Whitby and our first visit was to Whitby Abbey! We’ve learnt all about Dracula and Bram Stoker and all about the history of the Abbey from the Abbey Museum. The kids have loved it. Next, we’re doing some shopping in Whitby before we go to the museum and the park later.

Apparently, the park is amazing so we’re all looking forward to it!

After the Abbey, we had our lunch and went shopping. We then walked up to Whitby Museum – through the whalebone arch. Both groups loved the museum and had a really good time.

After the museum, we then went to Panett Park playground and had an hour in the park before returning back to the town centre to finish off our shopping. All the children loved the park and we’ve had a really lovely time. Daisy was the climbing queen and Ethan O was the king. They both reached the top of the climbing bar first!


We’ve had the BEST night on the beach. We had a fabulous sandcastle competition and the children have played lots of different games.

We had pizza and hotdogs for tea and now we’re going to the arcades to spend the last of our seaside pennies. The children have packed ready for our arrival back at school tomorrow and they have loved speaking to you all tonight.

Just want to say how lovely, polite, kind and caring all the Y6 children have been on our trip to Scarborough this week. It has been an absolute pleasure to accompany them on their trip and see them blossom into such brave, strong and independent individuals. Every place we have visited and person we have passed on our way has taken the time to tell us what a joy the children have been. Often we don’t have the time to just chat and laugh together and it has been an absolute delight – you all should be so proud.