Winter ‘To Do’ List

We have come up with a Winter ‘To Do’ List to keep you entertained over the Christmas break.

It is made up of 20 simple activity ideas for you and your child to engage in over the 2 week Christmas holiday. We appreciate that this is a busy time of year and this list is in no way compulsory, they are simply suggestions for quick 5 minute activities to try out which may create lasting memories for your children. It is our intention to send a similar list home at the beginning of each new season, with new activities to try out.

In the Foyer area of our Foundation unit, we have made a ‘Treasure Tree’ display area. This area is for you and your child to display any items that you may have made, found or photographed as part of these activities so that others can see too! Hopefully the tree will represent each season as it changes with the new activities. (If you need any string or blue tack etc. In order to put your ‘treasure’ on or around this tree then please do not hesitate to ask a member of staff!) If you or your child would like their item back when the tree changes then we will make every effort to return it but please do put their name on it too.

We all wish you every happiness for this coming holiday time and will see you in the New Year!

The Foundation Team.

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