Performance Data

The end of KS2 attainment for 2016 is as follows:

Red text indicates National averages

Average Progress Results

The average progress that pupils have made in Reading between KS1 and KS2 – 3.04
The average progress that pupils have made in Writing between KS1 and KS2 – 2.79
The average progress that pupils have made in Maths between KS1 and KS2 – 1.5

Expected standard Higher standard Combined
Reading 77%






Writing 92%




Maths 81%




Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling 85%





Progress Measures

These compare the pupils progress from their score at Key Stage 1


Progress measure

(where 0 represents expected progress nationally)

Average scaled score

(where 100 is the national expectation)

Reading +3.0 104
Writing +2.8 103
Maths +1.5 104


Our outcomes for the 2015-16 school year have now been officially published. We are pleased with the hard work and dedication shown by the children. They should be very proud of their results and their superb attitude to learning. The government publish data for the end of each Key Stage in school, as well as information about the phonic screening check in Y1.


End of Foundation Stage outcomes

Our Foundation children made amazing progress last year: 75% of the children achieved ‘a good level of development’. This means they achieved at least ‘expected’ in all the prime areas, such as communication, physical development and personal and social development, as well as in literacy and maths. The children are now in Y1 and are continuing to work hard, enjoy their learning and make good progress in all they do.


Phonics Screening Check

In June 2016, all our Y1 children took part in the national phonic screen. I’m pleased to say we enjoyed our highest ever result, with 77% of pupils passing in Y1. This is a 7% increase on last year’s outcome. We were the equivalent of just one child below the national average of 81%.

Children who re-took the screening in Y2 tried hard and 44% of them passed the second time around. We are looking to find new ways to boost phonics for those children who miss the screening standard in 2017.


End of Key Stage 1 outcomes

Our Y2 children worked really hard on the new style of SATs. In reading, 73% of the class reached at least the expected standard, with 23% achieving greater depth. This was broadly in line with national averages. In writing, the children at Ashwood did better than national, with 70% achieving the expected standard and 17% achieving greater depth. Nationally, this was 65.5%. In maths, 73% achieved the expected standard, with 17% of those achieving greater depth. This was just above National average. All in all, a great set of results for the Y2s and credit to Mrs Padley who worked very hard to keep up with all the last minute changes from the government!


End of Key Stage 2 outcomes

We were very pleased with the outcomes for our Y6 pupils, who have settled in really well into Y7 at RCS and are making a very positive impact! In reading, 77% of the class achieved the expected standard, with 19% of them achieving the higher standard. This was 11% higher than the National average. Our writing results were superb, with 92% of the class achieving the expected standard and 8% of these achieving the higher standard. This is compared to the national average of 74%. Spelling, punctuation and grammar are measured by a test. 85% of Y6 achieved the expected standard, with 15% achieving the higher standard. Finally, in maths, 81% of the class achieved the expected standard (11% higher than national), with 15% attaining a higher standard score. Overall, we were incredibly happy with the results the children achieved. Miss Davis is so proud of the children for doing their absolute utmost to reach their potential. Well done to all and best wishes for the future.


Next steps:

This year we are aiming to improve the % of pupils who achieve the higher standard or greater depth score, which was often just below the national average, whilst maintaining the excellent expected score results achieved in 2016.