School Council

Our new school council members for this school year (2018-19) are:-

F2 – Pheobe and Sonal
Y1 Freya and Eben
Y2 Amber and Charlie
Y3 Olivia and Finley
Y4 Marwa and Oliver
Y5 Mia and Albert
Y6 Erin and Jake

A message from our school councillors….

Our job on school council is very important and we take our role very seriously. We organise special events in school and make sure that the voice of the children at Ashwood is heard. We contribute to meetings and share our views.

We work with the school leadership team and Governing Body to support school further.

Please post a suggestion into our suggestion envelope in the Y1/3 entrance if you have any questions or ideas.

Thank you

Erin (Y6 school councillor)