Headteacher Round Up

We have had a busy 2nd week back – On Friday 20th May we will be celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee at Ashwood. Children will be invited to wear anything red, white, and blue for this day. We will be making flags and all things royal, ready for our school tea party which we will hold in our playground. This will be a great opportunity for the children of all-year groups to celebrate something altogether. We will keep our fingers crossed for some sunshine!

On the last day of each half term, we are going to have a special mention assembly to celebrate the achievements our children gain out of school. I know this is something that happened quite a while ago and, after speaking to parents, I would love to bring this back as something we do in school. This might be a certificate or trophy they have recently achieved from a club they have been to. It will be lovely to share some of their achievements. We will put a dojo reminder for parents in class stories.

Headteachers shout-out this week goes to….
F1 – Brilliant phonics work this week F1. They have been working really hard at saying the correct sound. It has been lovely to hear them sing the alphabet song!

F2 – For excellent behaviour on their school visit to Canon Hall farm. It has been a very exciting couple of weeks for EYFS. They have watched the chicks hatch in the incubator and helped to feed
them and take care of them.

Class 1 – For showing the Ashwood way! You are always so settled during the input to your lessons and really engaging with your learning. Keep up the good work!
Class 2 – Working hard on their sculptures as part of their artwork using the medium of clay. There were some lovely examples of using texture and building up layers with the clay.
Class 3 – Amazing work in French. The children are loving their online French lessons.
Class 4 – Always settled and ready to learn. They have really impressed me with how resilient they are.
Class 5 – Great work with your buddy class F2. You taught them how to handle the newborn chicks really carefully and showed the children how to be kind and caring. Great Ashwood role models!
Class 6 – Great persuasive writing brainstorming. You always really think about your ideas. I cannot wait to read your letters Y6! I have spotted some superstar children this week who will be getting a special golden ticket from me! Watch out for an invitation! It could be you!

Keep shining Ashwood!
Love Miss Roper