Headteacher Round Up

What an amazing first week back after the Easter Holidays! Many parents I have spoken to have talked about improving school and parent communication. We fully support this idea and I will strive to improve communication between school and home. This week sees the first headteacher’s round-up where I will share some highlights of what has been happening at Rawmarsh Ashwood throughout the week.

This week I have been observing our children in their phonics and reading lessons. Miss Benton and I dropped into lessons to see reading and phonics “in action”. We also spoke to children about their reading and phonics and ways to help them. As you know, at Ashwood we are a “reading school” and reading is at the heart of our curriculum.

The children were working hard on their fluency skills, showing how they were really understanding the text as they read it, looking at punctuation, intonation, and expression. We have some super readers at Ashwood who have been using their prior learning and building on their learning within each lesson.

Headteachers shout-out this week goes to….
F1 – This week we welcomed Millie and Bliss into Foundation Stage 1. They have come into school with an amazing smile and settled into school really well. What a great start to their school year! We are very lucky to have you in our school Ashwood family.
F2 – EYFS had a special delivery of eggs which they are hatching using their incubator! We are all very excited to watch the chicks hatch!
Class 1 – Have all worked super hard on their phonics.
Class 2 – For welcoming their new teacher Mr Nicholson to school and showing him how you are all amazing in your positive work ethic!
Class 3 – Great artwork using clay. You experimented “throwing” the clay on the clay board and creating patterns with it.
Class 4 – Amazing football skills at playtime. It is great to see you all working as a team!
Class 5 – Great role models in assembly. You are ready soon to move to Y6. Amazing role models for Ashwood!
Class 6 – All working super hard in their SATS preparation and showing true Ashwood resilience.

I have spotted some superstar children this week who will be getting a special golden ticket from me! Watch out for an invitation! It could be you! Keep shining Ashwood!