“We aim to send all young people into an ever-changing world able and qualified to play their full part in it.”

FS2 & Healthy Foods!

The children in Foundation have been learning about healthy foods and healthy choices today.  They really enjoyed tasting different kinds of nutritious fruits and they made their own healthy shopping lists!  We would like to give thanks to Rawmarsh Children’s Center for hosting this session and providing the delicious fruits! 🍎   

Budding Artists

This afternoon Y4 and Y2 got together to share each other’s artwork. Definitely some budding artists in both classes.

Y6 VIP Guest

Y6 had a great start to the week with a visit from the author Daniel Henshaw. In the morning, we took part in a drama session that involved trying to solve the clues to a mystery that had taken place. Then in the afternoon, we began to plan our own mystery stories. We all had […]

Y4 VIP Visitor

The Y4 children had a great morning working alongside author, Daniel Henshaw. He discussed how to write a mystery novel and helped the children to begin to write their own.

Sharing Knowledge & Skills

Y1 and Y6 met with their class buddies to share the knowledge and skills that they have been learning in art. They discussed the great artists that they have been studying, along with speaking like an artist to show off what skills they have acquired to help them complete their final pieces of art. The […]

Prim Interview

Prim Everdeen visited Y5 today to be interviewed about the gruelling moment her name was called from over 1000 entries. Forcing her to take part in the Hunger Games. She shared her story, expressing emotions and motives.

Y5 Migration & Tourism

Y5 travel to South America this half term – Looking at migration and tourism and how they impact the continent. They used an atlas to locate the countries and capital cities giving grid references to support finding the location.

Shared Learning

Last week Y5 shared their Art learning so far with our Y3 Buddies. The children really enjoyed comparing their learning from different artist inspiration.

Headteacher Roundup – Christmas Edition

Over the last few weeks, our children have taken part in many different parent events. In parent voice, you said that you wanted more parent events planned throughout the year. F1 had Christmas crafts and a Christmas singalong session F2 had a Christmas sing-along and did amazing with their Makaton signing for every song! Parents […]

Creating Computer Games

Last term Y6 really enjoyed designing their own games during our Computing sessions. We looked at creating loops and changing the variables. At the end of the project, we debugged our work before we all had a play. It was so much fun!

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