“We aim to send all young people into an ever-changing world able and qualified to play their full part in it.”


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Miss Frost

Welcome to FS1 where your learning journey begins. The days are full of fun, laughter, lots of time outside and getting messy. We can’t wait to welcome you to our beautiful school.

Meet your teachers

Miss frost – F1 teacher & eyfs lead

My name is Miss Frost and I am the Foundation Leader at Ashwood Primary School. I have worked at Ashwood since 2014 and I love being part of the Ashwood Family.

I teach in the F1 classroom on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and I also support children in the F2 classroom in the afternoons.

Miss Kon – F1 Early Years Practitioner

My name is Miss Kon and I am an Early Years Practitioner at Ashwood Primary School.

I teach in the F1 classroom on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and I also support children in the F2 classroom in the afternoons.

Mrs Atkinson – FS1 Teaching Assistant

My name is Mrs Atkinson and I am a teaching assistant in Foundation 1. I work one to one with some children across the day and support small group during provision.

I really enjoy spending time with my family, singing and yoga!

Mrs Critchlow – FS1 Teacher Assistant

My name is Mrs Critchlow and I am a teaching assistant who works across F1 and F2. Two of my children came to Ashwood School and now I have decided to join the team.

I enjoy family days out and being creative in my spare time. 

Class Information

At Ashwood Primary Foundation Unit, we celebrate learning through play. Our Foundation Unit is made up of F1 (ages 3-4) and F2 (ages 4-5). We also have a fantastic outdoor learning space that is available to both classes.

Our Curriculum

At Ashwood Foundation Unit our staff have carefully construct a curriculum that is ambitious and designed to give children the knowledge, self-belief and cultural capital they need to succeed in life. You can be assured that the curriculum is exceptionally well planned and sequenced, allowing all children to cumulatively build knowledge and skills to meet their full potential. We are passionate about supporting children to build on their previous knowledge so that they have can succeed in all of their learning. We also aim to support pupil’s emotional security and development of their character at all levels through nurture groups because at Ashwood we are always kind and we respect everyone.


We also value oracy at Ashwood Primary school and we are passionate about ensuring that children acquire a wide vocabulary. In our FS1 unit, you will see staff modelling vocabulary for children and supporting them to communicate effectively. You can support this at home with regular singing, story time and quality conversation.


This is supported through daily phonics sessions, which help our pupils become  confident and fluent readers. In our Foundation Unit, we are passionate about early reading and our phonics teaching is systematic to ensure that all children learn to read words and simple sentences accurately by the end of reception. This begins in FS1 where we aim for children to master Bug Club Phase 1 by the end of the year. In addition to this, staff share daily stories with children to foster a love of reading and to expand on our pupils growing vocabulary’s.

Our Learning Environments

At Ashwood Primary School, our newly renovated classroom environment supports our carefully sequenced curriculum to support pupil’s learning. We believe that our classroom environment is equally important to progress as our fabulous staff. The resources are chosen to meet the children’s needs and promote learning.

Sharing our Learning

At Ashwood Primary School, staff will provide information for about your children’s progress through parent consultation days and yearly reports. We also share information about your child’s learning through class dojo, social media and our school website.

We will also offer regular stay and play sessions and parent workshops where you an learn more about how to support your child at home. It is important that you attend these sessions to help your child develop and thrive.

Here are a few bits of key information you need to know about Ashwood Foundation Unit:

  1. Your child will be taught Phonics every day to help them begin to read. We will do this through a programme called Bug Club Phonics. You can find more information about this programme in your welcome pack and on our school website.
  2. Your child can enjoy online phonics learning here https://www.activelearnprimary.co.uk/login?c=0
  3. When your child receives their reading book, they will need to bring it to school every day.
  4. We are a reading school and your child will read with an adult frequently to monitor their progress.
  5. We will communicate your child’s achievements with you through Class Dojo. This is an app that you can download to your phone. You will be able to see photographs of the class learning journey here and your child will receive Dojo points.
  6. Dojo points can be spent in class on special rewards.
  7. Home learning is valued at Ashwood and we would love you to share this with us. Please upload any achievements to your child’s Dojo profile so we can celebrate these with you.
  8. On Friday’s we have a ‘Special Mention’ assembly. Your child may be chosen to take part in this assembly to celebrate their achievements with the rest of school. 

Areas of Learning

Our FS1 curriculum covers all aspects of the Early Years Framework and each area of learning is designed carefully to be progressive so that children are prepared with the necessary knowledge and skills to thrive in FS2.

Our curriculum is split into six engaging themes. Each theme introduces children to learning that is based around age appropriate and vocabulary rich texts. 

Our learning themes in FS1 are:

Cycle 1

  • Autumn 1: Can you sing me a song?
  • Autumn 2: Who am I?
  • Spring 1: Do all stories have happy endings?
  • Spring 2: What makes a good pet?
  • Summer 1: What lives in my garden?
  • Summer 2: How many pebbles will I find on a beach?

Cycle 2

  • Autumn 1: Can you sing me a song?
  • Autumn 2: Who am I?
  • Spring 1: Where does snow go?
  • Spring 2: How many colours are in a rainbow?
  • Summer 1: What’s on the menu?
  • Summer 2: How do I get there?


Class News

Story Learning 📚

This week the children read a fantastic story called ‘The Colour Monster’. The children learned to name different emotions and had a go at showing their

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