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Home Learning

We have reviewed and changed our homework policy as a result of recent research from the Education Endowment Foundation and in consultation with staff.

In essence, here at Rawmarsh Ashwood Primary School, we have a strong commitment to parental involvement and wish to see homework as a way of developing this partnership. We define home learning as an activity that pupils undertake outside of school lesson time, either on their own or with the support of family members.

Why give home learning?

  • It can inform parents about work going on in class
  • It can further stimulate enthusiasm for learning
  • It takes advantage of the home environment and resources and provides the chance for some one to one adult time to support in their learning.
  • It can be a great source for gathering topic information to share with all the children
  • It is a great opportunity to rehearse key skills such as times tables and spelling
  • It helps to foster good habits of organisation and self-discipline in preparation for the demands of Secondary School


What does home learning look like for pupils at Rawmarsh Ashwood Primary?

We support all of the above principles and we feel that Rawmarsh Ashwood Primary is a school at which we wish home learning to complement home life and to be a positive experience. We believe that homework should be completed often and in small amounts.

Home learning is set via our ClassDojo platform and anything the child may need on paper is provided for each child. There will also be links to different websites sent on class dojo in order for children to practice skills.

There are also opportunities for children to attend Learning workshops after school which incorporate developing knowledge and skills further. Support with home learning is also provided in these lessons for any children who may be struggling with this. Learning workshops are for all year groups and are tailored to age and stage and the individual needs of the children.


Our routines and expectations

Depending on the age of your child, this will vary to a degree.

Home learning will consist of:

  • Reading at least three times a week. This can either be reading to an adult or being read to by an adult. We view reading as a two way process. It is important to encourage the children to have an enjoyment of reading rather than seeing it as a chore.
  • Spellings – these will be appropriate to each year group
  • Subject based projects/research – children will be given a half termly newsletters of learning which is happening in class and ideas to support this at home.
  • Maths home learning will be completed using ‘Numbots’ in EYFS and Y1 and ‘TT rockstars” from Y2 upwards. Children are set battles each half term to take part in and develop their number and times table knowledge.
  • Year 6 pupils may be asked to do an increased level of home learning in preparation for demands of secondary school

We expect children to maintain the same standards of presentation of home learning as we set in school.

Adaptations to home learning will be made to ensure it is accessible to all.

What to do if you have concerns

If you find the home learning inappropriate for your child, if they lack interest, if it becomes a battleground or if you are concerned that home learning is given inconsistently please talk with your child’s class teacher in the first instance.


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