With Me In Mind Ambassadors

What are the aims of the Wellbeing Ambassadors at Rawmarsh Ashwood Primary School?

  • To spread kindness throughout school
  • To promote ‘With Me In Mind’ via assemblies/posters
  • To make sure that everyone in school knows who we are
  • To give children the opportunity to attend a Therapy Thursday – helping others with their own mental health and working with the Anti- bullying ambassadors. 
  • To talk to teachers about mental health.
  • Attend well-being ambassador events and collaborate with other well-being ambassadors to share ideas and good practice
I wanted to help people  understand about mental health and about how actions and words can affect others. I would love to be an artist when I am older. I love Van Gough because his paintings are inspiring! I like Starry night the best. When I am painting it fills my minds with lots of colour and makes me feel really peaceful. 
I applied to be a mental health ambassador at Ashwood to help teach others as well as myself about mental health and wellbeing. As a career when I am older I want to be a footballer. I think football helps me to feel better physically and mentally as it clears my mind.

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