“We aim to send all young people into an ever-changing world able and qualified to play their full part in it.”

Superstar Readers ⭐

Year 3 have had lots of star readers this week. 15 children read 3 or more times at home. The children got to choose from Chromebook time or the Prize box.  Well done year 3! 👏

‘Show don’t tell hunger games’ – Year 5 🏹

‘Katniss Everdeen is poised, while the count down echoed around her head. The gongs began to count down!’ ⚔ What was the setting like? What was she feeling? How can Y5 show this to hook in the reader? What figurative language devises will help? What about ‘show, don’t tell’ ? Her heart was pounding, while […]

Year 6 Receive Their Leavers Hoodies

This week, Year 6 received their leavers hoodie. We all absolutely love them and look fantastic in them. ❤ Thank you so much to our wonderful PTA for organising everything!

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