“We aim to send all young people into an ever-changing world able and qualified to play their full part in it.”

Y2 Independent Maths!

Y2 have been working independently on their multiplication and division skills. They have worked really hard and practised lots to make amazing progress. Well done Year 2!  #WeWorkHard

FS2 Writing Superstars!

FS2 have been working on their writing skills! This week, they have been working on their phonics skills in particular, and including clear finger spaces in their sentences. There have been some super sentences written by everyone, and they have been making great progress! The children also came to show Miss Roper their wonderful writing. […]

Y1 Athletics and Phonics!

Y1 are always learning! As a part of their PE lesson, they really enjoyed mixing together athletics and phonics. They also competed in relay races, that included segmenting and blending real and alien words.  Well done Year 1!

Y4 Plant Science!

In Science, Y4 have been looking at classification keys of plants. Within the school grounds they found examples of flowering, mosses, ferns and conifers! They looked at the characteristics of each plant, and discussed why they fall into certain categories. Great work, well done Year 4!  

FS2 First Aid!

FS2 have had a fantastic first week back, made even better with a first aid session! We learnt what to do if we found someone unconscious, how to phone the emergency services and who could help us. Our favourite part was using the bandages on our friends and the teachers. Well done FS2!

Y5 Bikeability Superstars!

Y5 have been working on their cycling skills with Bikeability. They learnt how to stay safe on their bicycle, and how to improve their skills further. It was lovely to see their confidence increase as they practiced.  Well done Year 5!

Y2 Arithmetic Superstars!

Y2 have been working on their arithmetic skills, looking at efficient methods to work out calculations.  They used number lines, arrays, knowledge of number bonds, near number bonds and place value charts to solve calculations quickly and efficiently. Well done on the fantastic work Year 2!

Y6 First Aid

Y6 had a fantastic time taking part in their First Aid Training. They learnt all about how to respond in an emergency and what steps to take, following the DR.ABC guide. The students listened carefully throughout and asked a range of thoughtful questions. Well done Year 6, you were amazing!

Year 4 First Aid

Y4 took part in some first aid training this week. They learnt how to help someone who has fainted, how to put a bandage on correctly, and how to put someone in the recovery position. Well done Year 4!

Eid Celebration 2024

Some of our students celebrated the Islamic festival of Eid al-Fitr, the Festival of the Breaking of the Fast over the school holidays. They came to school in some of their amazing outfits, that they wore for the Eid celebrations at home. Children spoke about how they had celebrated Eid with their families and how […]

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