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Saving Energy! A greener future for Ashwood 🍃

We are so excited to announce that our solar panels are being fitted onto our school roof.
The children have had a talk with Dave from Genfit to learn about how the telehandler moves the solar panels from our school yard to the school roof and how they are fitted. It was very exciting to see the jacks clamp onto the yard to make the telehandler sturdy so that the machine can become taller to reach the heights of our school roof!
Our Eco Warriors met with Dave to find out more about how solar panels work:
“I found out that the solar panels have 2 cables on the back, they connect to each other as a circuit like positive and negative. School runs on AC electricity but the solar panels run on DC electricity. The cables start off as DC and are converted to AC electricity.” – Alfie 
#We dream big!
A big thank you to all of the team at Genfit! You can find out more about them and the brilliant work they do by clicking on the button below. 

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