School News

This month, our enrichment card is about raising aspirations and learning about the careers of our visitors in school!

We had a visit from Paralympian Gold Medal Winner, Gavin Walker, who achieved his gold medal for Wheelchair Rugby at Tokyo 2020. He visited all of the classes to answer their questions and we got to hold his medal! All of us were so inspired by Gavin and his story – we can’t wait to […]

Today we had a visit from our MP John Healy. The children have been learning about democracy and British Values. We thought about our school council and how we voted for them to represent our classes at meetings. John explained this is a bit like how his constituency voted for him to be a Member […]

In school, we are having a focus on the part we play in our community and the world. This will take the form of World Clean Up Day, when we think about how to make sure we put litter in litter bins and recycle our rubbish. Children can take part in the activities on the […]

The children at Ashwood have taken part in a whole school DT project. They have worked hard to follow a design brief and design and make their own box using a card net. The children created a range of different things from treasure boxes, money boxes, emergency relief boxes, and memory boxes. We are super [...]
Over the last two days, Year 6 students have had a wonderful time on their residential camping trip. Whilst unfortunately we couldn't go far and wide for our residential this year, all of our students had fun at Ulley Activity Centre and camping out on Wickersley Partnership Trust's Cranworth fields. The students got stuck into [...]
Year 3 student, Jack Scott, has published his very own book, 'Connor'! During the trials and tribulations of lockdown boredom, Jack took to his diary to entertain himself and wrote about a talking dog who was his best friend. After reading snippets of the story to his mum, she encouraged Jack to type it up [...]

This academic year at Wickersley Partnership Trust, we have been exploring the theme of ‘Equality’. All of the schools in the Trust are focusing on equality in June and students will be learning about a number of different issues and themes in lessons and assemblies. We would like our students to take part in a […]

South Yorkshire Housing Association’s Thrive Project supports unemployed people with mental and/or physical health conditions/disabilities back into work, with an emphasis of overcoming any barriers and based on the evidence-based Individual Placement and Support. This is a free and voluntary service. The purpose of Thrive is to support individuals to find work which they enjoy, […]